Thermal Cycler Alpha Cycler 1

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Key features:

-   The single block Alpha Cycler 1 (AC-1) is a compact and feature driven entry level PCR machine with ease of use and performance at its core. Alpha Cycler software has features such as recently used Programs; allowing users to quickly access their most commonly used protocols without the need to navigate through folders to find it, individual user logins; with protected protocols as-well-as allowing users’ access to temperature logs after each run to monitor the state of the system

-   Active Sample cooling - For sharper amplification and minimal non-specific amplification

-   Program Wizard - Generate a protocol specific to your sequence, template source and amplicon length in seconds

-   Report generated on run conditions and state following completion of protocol

-   Gradient - Allowing for simplified temperature optimisation, no matter the block chosen

-   96/384 well formats - Flexibility for any scale and user needs

-   USB connectivity - To retrieve system information and easily transfer protocols between systems

-   Android driven 7” tablet interface - Quad core speed and excellent connectivity and feel

Active Sample Cooling

-   Active Sample Cooling (ASC) is an approach which the Alpha Cycler takes to reduce non-specific amplification in your PCR reactions

-   Active sample cooling can all but stop the formation of primer dimers early in cycling. When even a very small number of primer dimers occur early in a reaction these will often be preferentially amplified over your target as PCR will preferentially amplify these shorter fragments over the longer target amplicon, wasting components needed to generate your target thereby reducing your yields.

-   ASC works by simply chilling the block to 4 degrees and holding it there until the heated lid gets to temperature. Other systems often allow the heated lid to pollute your samples with heat allowing the primer dimers to form early in cycling and these can amplify through the remaining cycles giving the characteristic fuzzy bands at the bottom of your gel.

Gradient Technology:

-   All Alpha Cycler block formats, 96 or 384 well, run gradients across the 12 or 16 columns respectively. Allowing for a much finer optimization of your temperatures    and by extension more  specific PCR  product  amplification. Each  block also contains 6 individual heat sources (peltier elements) which are monitored and controlled by the system for improved accuracy of gradient and fixed hold temperatures.

-   With the Alpha cycles gradient converter you can in one click adjust the gradient step to the specific temperature of the column that gave the best results: no need to re-write the protocol just  convert        the  gradient  to the optimized temperature.

USB Connectivity

-   Both Alpha Cyclers can retain approximately 1000 reports for eviewing at a later date. Alternatively the unit has USB ports or connection to flash drive or PC, so the files can be more permanently stored as a long term record. The USB can also be used to store and transport protocols between systems


-   What do you want to know from your PCR machine? When its done, when its going to finish and is there a problem. All of these things will be reported out of the Alpha Cycler to your mobile (Android, iOS or Windows) or hand held device simply by scanning the QR code displayed on the Alpha Cycler, allowing users to monitor there run without needing to be connected to a network and conveniently though there own mobile device.

-   Further monitoring/reports:

+      Temperature logs of every run

+      Completion status

+      Full screen timer to easily check remaining time

Program Wizard: The Alpha Cycler systems also contain a novel Program wizard which allows users to define a protocol based specifically off their primer sequence and template source. Primer sequences or Tms are inputted, amplicon length and source defined and the on board   algorithm generates an optimised protocol for your assay


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