Stationary sampler

Date: 24/04/2017    View: 935

Stationary Sampler

Model:  PP  2000+

Manufacturer: Pol-Eko-Aparatura/Poland

Origin: Poland



-   representative sample taking according to PN-ISO 5667

-   sampling system: vacuum

-   sampling mode:

+       time proportional

+       flow proportional

+       event (e.g.: pH value exceeding)

+       combined

-   intuitive menu

-   up to 5 configurable sampling programs

-   bottle filling overview

-   suitable for continuous outdoor use

-   can be implemented into a monitoring system

-   refrigerated chamber

-   SD card recording system: pH, conductivity, redox, dissolved oxygen, flow, chamber temperature etc.

   -   sampler viewer program (for samplers equipped with SD card)

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