Microplate Washer

Date: 30/03/2016    View: 2290

Microplate Washer

Model: LMW 2/LMW4

Manufacturer: Labexim – Austria



-   LMW 2 and LMW 4 Microplate washer series set a new landmark for it’s price / performance ratio. Equipped with functions and features normally available as options only, the LMW is the ultimate choice for any laboratory.

-   The unique manifold position sensor allows a precise height adjustment for minimized residual volume, digitally controlled aspiration- and dispensing pumps provide high accuracy and lowest noise level.

-   Featuring a splash proof sealed surface forgives even splashing a full microplate accross the unit without causing any damage to the instrument.


-   Washhead:

+              8x or 12x for 96 well plates

+              16x for 384 well plates

-   Platetypes: 96 or 384 well plates, flat, round or V bottom

-   Liquid channels:

+              LMW 2: 2 channels

+              LMW 4: 4 channels

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