Simple drying oven

Date: 24/04/2017    View: 1518 General use in laboratory

Simple drying oven

Model: SLN Simple 53

Manufacturer: Pol-Eko-Aparatura/Poland

Origin: Poland



-   thermal resistance analysis of building materials

-   electronic and electro-technical components

-   tests of properties of products subjected to high temperatures

-   drying of wires of papermaking machines

-   drying of laboratory glass

-   general aging and curing

-   preheating

-   digestion of proteins

-   plant tissues drying

-   drug metabolism

-   paper drying


-   air convection:       natural

-   chamber capacity [l]         56

-   working capacity [l] 56

-   controller     microprocessor with external display


-   temperature range [°C]     +5°C above ambient temperature … +250°C

-   temperature resolution every... [°C]       0,1

-   over temperature protection        class 1.0 to DIN 12880


-   door type     solid

-   interior        stainless steel to DIN 1.4016

-   housing       powder coated sheet

overall dims [mm]

-   width A        660

-   height B       590

-   depth C       600

internal dims [mm]

-   width D       400

-   height E       390

-   depth F       360

Technical data

-   shelves (standard / max)   2 / 5

-   max shelf workload [kg]    10

-   max unit workload [kg]     40

-   weight [kg]  50

-   voltage*      230V 50Hz

   -   nominal power [W]   1600

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