Four Function Water Level Meter

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Water Level Meter

Model: dipper - T

Manufacturer: Heron – Canada

Origin: Canada

Features and Advantages:

-   The dipper-T water level meter is a topline, top quality instrument used for measuring static and falling head levels in wells and boreholes.
With a touch of a button the unit changes from static to drawDown mode; a dual function unit at an affordable price.
The dipper-T in static mode is used for measuring the depth of water in wells, boreholes and standpipes. The dipper-T in drawDown mode may
be used for measuring falling water levels during purging, well development and for low flow sampling; helping to protect your pumps from
damage caused by dry running

-   Electronic Module (IP65) – mode selectable for static and drawDown levels, removable for easy cleaning and servicing

-   Probe (IP68) – fully pressure/depth rated, 5/8” field replaceable for optional casing or bottom detector probes

-   Steel Tape – high tensile steel, jacketed with polyethylene, high break strength, stretch resistant and lifelong legibility – markings in engineering scale (1/100’) or metric (mm)

-   Padded Carry Case – to protect your precision water level meter from the elements

-   Tape Guide and Hanger – to support the meter at the well head and to protect the tape from sharp edges on the well casing

-   Vinyl Holding Grip – molded to the frame, ergonomic easy grip

-   Winding Handle – custom made for easy rewinding with gloved hands

Techincal specification:

-   Reel Weight  2.4Kg

-   Height         356mm (14”)

-   Width 279mm (11”)

-   Depth          241mm ( 9.5”)

-   Probe Weight         158g

-   Length         213mm (8.4”)

-   Diameter     16mm (0.625”)

-   Depth Rating Full Length of Tape

-   Wetted Materials     Stainless Steel, Viton, Delrin and Teflon

-   Tape (see below): A High tensile steel tape, jacketed with polyethylene, high break strength, stretch resistant and lifelong legibility for details)   

-   drawdown Electronics       

-   Fully Submersible Probe

-   Field Replaceable Probe    

-   3/8" Narrow Probe Available (not detachable)    

-   Tape Guide and Hanger     

-   Audio/Visual Sensor . Audio/Visual Indication Ultra Bright Red LED and 80dbi Buzzer

-   9 Volt Battery

-   Operating Mode      Static/drawDown

-   Sensitivity Control   Stainless Steel and Aluminum Construction

-   Tape Jacketing       Polyethylene

-   Tape Conductors     7 strand (4 Stainless Steel and 3 Copper)  

-   Padded Carry Case 

-   Tape Lengths**: 50ft/15m to 1000ft/300m (Length options: 50ft/15m to 2000ft/600m)

-   Well Depth Indicator Probe

-   The Well Depth Indicator Probe (or bottom detector) is used to measure full depth in wells and boreholes.

The Well Depth Indicator Probe uses a pressure sensitive plunger to measure the distance to the bottom of the well. When the Well Depth Indicator Probe reaches the bottom of the well, the plunger enters the probe body closing a switch, initiating an audible and visual signal at the top of the well. The well depth reading is taken directly from the tape. Note: The datum point indicator is on the back of the probe holder.

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