Groundwater data logger

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Groundwater data logger

Model: dipperLog Nano

Manufacturer: Heron – Canada

Origin: Canada


Features and Advantages:

-   Memory – 32,000 data sets (depth and temperature of water)

-   Download Speed – 32,000 data sets in 90 seconds

-   Battery – life of approx. 7 years based on 5 minute reading intervals

-   Calibration Certificate with each logger

-   Antifouling Screen

Techincal specification:

-   Transducer   Piezoresistive Silicon 316LSS

-   Construction Material         316 Stainless Steel and Delrin (Corrosion Resistant Engineered Thermoplastic) Combination

-   Accuracy (Typical)   0.05% net FS, for Pressure Ranges > 120m/400ft 0.25% net FS

-   Accuracy (Max. Error)       0.1% net FS, for Pressure Ranges > 120m/400ft 0.5% net FS

-   Hydrostatic Depth Range    120m/400ft

-   Accuracy (Typical)   0.05% net FS

-   Accuracy (Max. Error)       0.1% net FS

-   Resolution    0.006% net FS

-   Temperature Sensor         IC Temp Sensor

-   Temperature Accuracy      +/- 0.5 Deg. C

-   Resolution    0.0625 Deg. C

-   Transducer Temp Compensation Range    0 Deg. C to + 50 Deg. C

-   Temp Response Time        10 Seconds

-   Battery Type          3.6 Volt Lithium

-   Battery Life  Approx. 7 Years @ 5 Minute Readings

-   Clock Accuracy       +/- 1 Minute per Month

-   Long Term Stability +/- 0.2% FS/year

-   Operating Temperature      -20 Deg. C to +80 Deg. C

-   Memory       Non – Volatile EEPROM

-   Max. Readings Between Downloads         32,000 Sets – Pressure and Temperature

-   Communication       USB, RS232, SDI 12

-   Download Speed     1.5 minutes (32,000 data sets)

-   Dimensions  100mm (4in) Long x 22.5 mm (0.875 in) Diameter

-   Weight        135grams Effective S.G 4

-   Wetted Materials     Stainless Steel, Viton, Engineered Thermoplastic (Delrin)

-   Sampling Modes      Linear – Real Time -“Log Time" (see below)

-   Logging Intervals    Seconds, Minutes, Hours – Minimum 1sec, Max 255hrs

-   Download Speed     19.2 k/bits per Second

-   Units of Measure     ft /M of water (head) in normal mode. Any units when saved as CSV file

-   Antifouling Screen   Weight 22g, Length 50mm, Dia. 25mm., Material Phosphor Bronze (98% copper)

-   Direct Read Cable   3.5mm diameter, Polyurethane jacket with 3 Mylar wrapped, Teflon insulated, stranded tinned copper conductors. Woven copper shielding and reinforced stretch resistant Kevlar. Weight 12 grams per meter.

   -   Vented Cable  6.25mm diameter Polyurethane jacketed. 4 stranded insulated T.C conductors. 1 stranded T.C drain line, 2.5mm nylon vent tube. Reinforced with Kevlar and an aluminium shield. Weight 34 grams per meter.

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